The advantages of using a Virtual Assistant via GO Get Organised

Our virtual assistants come with extra value added

We’ve already written about the benefits of using a virtual assistant (VA), and these are now pretty well established, with many small businesses discovering how much easier life can be with a virtual assistant on board. But what about the extra benefits of finding your virtual assistant through GO Get Organised?

The majority of virtual assistants are self-employed freelancers who work alone, but our virtual assistants are part of a larger team; this means that we can add extra value in several different ways:

1. We can find you a perfect match

Our virtual assistants come from all sorts of different backgrounds, with experience working in various different fields. We will choose the virtual assistant who we feel would be the best possible fit for your business needs, once we’ve discussed these in detail with you. Our matching process is based on:

  • The skills required for the job
  • The field in which you work
  • The culture of your team

Our virtual assistants can often offer much more than just admin skills; they might also have experience in IT, HR, finance or project management, for example. So we can also take this into account when matching you with your ideal virtual assistant.

We are experts in finding the right person for the job, so you can trust us to take care of this for you, instead of spending valuable time doing it yourself.

2. We can provide cover

Everyone needs to take annual leave and sick leave from time to time. When you have a virtual assistant who works alone, this can potentially be quite disruptive for your business, with no one around to carry out the tasks that they usually handle.

If you have a GO Get Organised virtual assistant, on the other hand, you get access to other members of the team who can provide cover while your usual virtual assistant is away. In terms of covering annual leave, we can help you plan for this and arrange for a handover so that things go smoothly; in terms of covering sick leave, we will provide the best service that we possibly can at short notice, as required.

Working with GO Get Organised means that you’re never completely dependent on just one person; we have a whole back-up team in place.

3. We can offer expert advice

The team at GO Get Organised includes professionals with years of experience working in many different fields, including finance, marketing, design, IT, social media and lots more. Your virtual assistant is part of this team, and can tap into this wealth of expertise whenever necessary.

We have an internal discussion board where team members can ask each other questions, we are all in contact via email, and we also get together regularly, for example at our GO Get Networking events. So if you need help with pretty much any business matter, your virtual assistant can get support from their expert co-workers.

If you’d like to find out more about our virtual assistants, and how you can tap into our team of experienced professionals, please contact us today.

GO Get Networking in 2019!

GO Get Networking is back in 2019, in a new venue!

GO Get Networking has been very successful this year, and we are delighted to continue running these events next year. The first event will be held in our new venue at the Apex Hotel (in the Lounge as you walk in on the right), on Thursday 28 February from 9:30 to 11:15am.

The format will remain the same, with over one hour of great networking in a relaxed environment, followed by a 15-minute talk at the end of the session, on a subject that is useful to small businesses.

As much as we would love to keep these events free, we have had to introduce a small charge to attend. The reason for this is simply to speed things up, so that everyone can spend their time networking rather than waiting for drinks. Tickets will cost £6.50, which includes tea or coffee and a mini pastry on arrival. We do hope that you understand and will continue to support these events.

Pictures from our last event can be seen here

We can’t wait to see you all next year
GO Get Organised and book now

**Numbers are limited**

GO Get Networking October 2018

Thank you so much to all who made it yesterday.  I returned to so many emails from people who couldn’t make it due to illness, so sorry you missed it and we hope you all feel better soon!

As always, a huge thank you to Framptons for letting use their facilities.

I have posted below some great photos from yesterday for you all to see.  I would also like to thank Lis Mcdermott of Headshot Diva who gave up her time (for free) to help us .  Lis has just had a new book published,  click here to find out more.  Please help to spread the word and support Lis.

I will work on the dates for future events soon and will be in touch!

Thank you all again for your support, and if you know of a small business who needs some support – please just tell them to GO Get Organised!


More pictures can be found on our facebook page

Business Showcase Southwest 2018

BSSW 2018

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to visit and speak with us yesterday.  We had a great time at the Business Showcase Southwest, Ashton Gate.  It was a very busy day and we met lots of great people.

We look forward to returning in June 2019!


Calling all Small Businesses – GO Get Networking!

GO Get Networking will return due to popular demand

Our next event will take place:

Thursday 0ctober 18th

Framptons, Grand Parade, Bath, BA2 4DF

9:30am – 11:15am

This a FREE event, simply buy a coffee at the bar on your way in and network!  


(This is a free event,  so we do ask that you honour your booking.
There are limited spaces, some people will miss out on the opportunity if you book on and don’t show up, thank you for your understanding.)

GO Get Networking Objectives and Rules for attendance

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GO Get Networking – May 2018

Thank you so much to all who made it to GO Get Networking today.

I was really pleased with how the event went and hope that you enjoyed it!  We had some great pictures taken by the lovely Lis McDermott .  A big thank you to you Lis for taking these.  Also, a big thanks to Tom Lewis for sharing his story with us today.  We have just completed a little case study with Tom which you can read here.

Please keep checking our news page. I will post information on the next event here. It would be great to see you at the next one!

Some more pictures can be found on our facebook page!




Case Study – How using a Virtual Assistant can help you. GO Get Organised!

Tom Lewis
The Guild Co Working Hub


Naomi really got me. She understood my problem and chose well when she suggested working with Claire as my virtual PA.  I need someone who’s organised and knows how to pull everything together.

My problem was that I was spending too much time hiding behind routine-based work and avoiding the real work. I’m naturally disorganised, and I was spending more time on software systems, in an attempt to organise myself, than on actually doing the work.

Claire acts as a barrier for my email, filters out all the irrelevant stuff and actions everything possible. I’m no longer drowning in email – I can get up in the morning and delay looking at my inbox. I’ve even bought an alarm clock and I’m attempting to leave my phone in the kitchen overnight. Now when I look at my email first thing there are around 10 messages, whereas previously there would be 30 or 40.

Claire’s got a great CV. She’s responsible, independent, incredibly reliable, and senior enough not to be asking 40 million questions. She just gets on and does what is required.

She’s helped me to focus on clearing down my massive ‘to do’ list, she organises my diary, she’s done research for me, and she’s even taken over assessing all the software I buy to see if it would work for us.

I’m a bit of a control freak and not brilliant at delegating. But at fairly low cost and for no hassle I have found someone to trust who can take some of the burden of running the business off me without ceding control.

Employing people is scary because it seems like a lot of money, and there’s a lot of red tape involved. But GO Get Organised makes it easy, you are paying by the hour, everything is on the timesheet. It’s a great business model.  We agreed a certain number of hours at the beginning but it ended up being less than anticipated. Claire is a victim of her own success in terms of how efficient she is!

I’ve also recently started using Go Get Finance for my book keeping. As proof of how much I trust Naomi, I didn’t even look around. I know that they are reliable.

GO Get Networking!

GO Get Networking returns due to popular demand.

Our next event will take place:

Thursday May 24th 2018

Framptons, Grand Parade, Bath, BA2 4DF

9:30am – 11:00am.

This a FREE event, simply buy a coffee at the bar on your way in and network!  


(This is a free event,  so we do ask that you honour your booking.
There are limited spaces, some people will miss out on the opportunity if you book on and don’t show up, thank you for your understanding.)

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Helping you to grow your business

GO Get Organised and grow your business

When it comes to expanding your business there are lots of factors to consider, from financial planning to developing new services. In this article we’re going to concentrate on three broad areas where GO Get Organised can provide expert support to help your business grow: attracting more customers; strengthening your infrastructure; and making new connections.

Three steps to attracting more customers

1. Establish a strong brand

Having a strong, recognisable brand that appeals to your target market is central to all of your marketing activity. This needs to be in place before scaling your business up; making big changes further down the line is best avoided if possible as it can cause confusion. If your brand needs some work we can help with every aspect at very reasonable rates, from logo design to website creation to ensuring consistent use across social media.

2. Plan your marketing strategy

It’s a dilemma that many smaller businesses face: the recognition that marketing is vital in order to attract more customers, versus the fear of spending money with no guarantee of success. Our affordable marketing professionals can help you map out a strategy to ensure that you spend your budget wisely. We’ll analyse your key target market(s) for growth, and identify the best ways to reach them.

3. Get your message out

Maybe you already have a good idea of what kind of marketing activity would work best to grow your business, but don’t have the time and/or expertise to implement it? The team at GO Get Organised includes experts in social media,  content marketing, SEO, pay per click, video creation and more. We can offer cost-effective, bespoke solutions, tailored to your particular business needs.

Strengthening and expanding your business infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges faced by smaller businesses as they grow is the difficulty of managing their infrastructure to keep pace. Increases in sales or services can put immense pressure on you and your office staff as you try to keep on top of the additional workload.

This is where GO Get Organised can help, by providing virtual administration support that you can buy in as and when you need it, freeing up your time so that you can focus on other priorities and your business can grow more smoothly. Find out more about our flexible, professional support services – and how they can save you time and money – in this article.

And if you decide to expand your team permanently, we can also help with recruitment. We offer a bespoke, personal recruitment service with a fixed rate finders fee of just 10%; read more here on our dedicated recruitment website.

Making new connections

Lastly, we can help support the growth of your business through our networking group. GO Get Networking provides opportunities for you to connect with other businesses for free, at informal events held every couple of months in Bath. The group is specifically aimed at smaller businesses, and each session includes a short presentation giving practical advice on a relevant subjects (e.g. SEO, Video, Branding, Confidence and more).

There are lots of ways in which networking can promote business growth. Making connections with other businesses enables you to share good practice, develop joint initiatives, keep on top of market trends, build your reputation, generate new leads and much more. Read this article for more information on the benefits of networking, as well as some really handy tips on how to network successfully.

The next GO Get Networking event takes place on Thursday 24th May at Framptons in Bath, from 9:30 to 11:00am. All of our networking events are free, but you do need to register, so if you’re interested in coming along, please click here to book your place.  You can see pictures from our last event here.

Growing your business has just been made a little easier, in just one call you have access to a full range of business services to support you at very affordable prices.  No contracts, or upfront fees, simply pay as you GO!

Contact us: | 01225 430 504 (option 1)

GO Get Networking Success!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the GO Get Networking event today.

It has shown us all that there really is a need for FREE small business networking locally.  We have received fantastic feedback on the event, and plan to run them every 3 months as requested, we will post dates soon so watch this space.

In the meantime here are some pictures of the event.

A huge thank you to Framptons, they are a fantastic venue.