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GO Get Organised and grow your business

When it comes to expanding your business there are lots of factors to consider, from financial planning to developing new services. In this article we’re going to concentrate on three broad areas where GO Get Organised can provide expert support to help your business grow: attracting more customers; strengthening your infrastructure; and making new connections.

Three steps to attracting more customers

1. Establish a strong brand

Having a strong, recognisable brand that appeals to your target market is central to all of your marketing activity. This needs to be in place before scaling your business up; making big changes further down the line is best avoided if possible as it can cause confusion. If your brand needs some work we can help with every aspect at very reasonable rates, from logo design to website creation to ensuring consistent use across social media.

2. Plan your marketing strategy

It’s a dilemma that many smaller businesses face: the recognition that marketing is vital in order to attract more customers, versus the fear of spending money with no guarantee of success. Our affordable marketing professionals can help you map out a strategy to ensure that you spend your budget wisely. We’ll analyse your key target market(s) for growth, and identify the best ways to reach them.

3. Get your message out

Maybe you already have a good idea of what kind of marketing activity would work best to grow your business, but don’t have the time and/or expertise to implement it? The team at GO Get Organised includes experts in social media, content marketing, SEO, pay per click, video creation and more. We can offer cost-effective, bespoke solutions, tailored to your particular business needs.

Strengthening and expanding your business infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges faced by smaller businesses as they grow is the difficulty of managing their infrastructure to keep pace. Increases in sales or services can put immense pressure on you and your office staff as you try to keep on top of the additional workload.

This is where GO Get Organised can help, by providing virtual administration support that you can buy in as and when you need it, freeing up your time so that you can focus on other priorities and your business can grow more smoothly. Find out more about our flexible, professional support services – and how they can save you time and money – in this article.

And if you decide to expand your team permanently, we can also help with recruitment. We offer a bespoke, personal recruitment service with a fixed rate finders fee of just 10%; read more here on our dedicated recruitment website.

Making new connections

Lastly, we can help support the growth of your business through our networking group. GO Get Networking provides opportunities for you to connect with other businesses for free, at informal events held every couple of months in Bath. The group is specifically aimed at smaller businesses, and each session includes a short presentation giving practical advice on a relevant subjects (e.g. SEO, Video, Branding, Confidence and more).

There are lots of ways in which networking can promote business growth. Making connections with other businesses enables you to share good practice, develop joint initiatives, keep on top of market trends, build your reputation, generate new leads and much more. Read this article for more information on the benefits of networking, as well as some really handy tips on how to network successfully.

The next GO Get Networking event takes place on Thursday 24th May at Framptons in Bath, from 9:30 to 11:00am. All of our networking events are free, but you do need to register, so if you’re interested in coming along, please click here to book your place.  You can see pictures from our last event here.

Growing your business has just been made a little easier, in just one call you have access to a full range of business services to support you at very affordable prices.  No contracts, or upfront fees, simply pay as you GO!

Contact us: | 01225 430 504 (option 1)

Take a fresh approach in 2018 – GO Get Organised

2018 a change to GO Get Organised

The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about tackling problems from a new angle, and explore alternative ways of doing things. Our approach may be different from anything you’ve tried before, but we believe that it offers a very effective solution to the challenges that many smaller businesses face. If you ever struggle with skill shortages or a fluctuating workload, find out how GO Get Organised can help.

What makes GO Get Organised special?

Essentially, GO Get Organised is a one-stop shop for any kind of extra support that your business might need – from admin to marketing, bookkeeping to web design. Our services are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis and charged at highly competitive rates.

Our team of experienced professionals – all experts in their own field – is headed up by managing director Naomi Summers, who prides herself on getting to know each client, to ensure that their particular business requirements are fully understood and met.

So, in a nutshell, our USP is this:

We offer an extensive range of business support services, delivered by a team of skilled professionals, coordinated by one person who is dedicated to providing a personal service to each client, on a flexible and affordable basis.

It’s a low-risk option – with potentially huge benefits

There’s very little to lose in giving us a try, and potentially much to gain. Here are some of the reasons why using GO Get Organised is very low risk:

  • We offer a totally flexible service, with no contracts or minimum bookings, so you can just buy in extra support as and when you need it
  • Our rates are very reasonable
  • Our work is of a high standard

Please visit our testimonials page to see what some of our clients say about us.

Here are the key benefits to be gained by working with GO Get Organised:

  • You will secure the extra support that your business needs to flourish and grow, tailored to fit your budget, cash flow and specific requirements.
  • You will gain access to a team of experienced (but affordable) professionals, who you might not otherwise have found easily. Working under one umbrella also enables us to share expertise and provide cover for each other if necessary, so we can maintain a consistent service.
What kind of services do we provide?

Please visit our services section for full details on everything that we can offer (also see our list of prices). But to give an overview, our support broadly falls into two categories:

  1. Office support

We can help your business run more smoothly by providing:

  • Virtual or onsite admin
  • Typing and transcriptions
  • Recruitment services
  1. Marketing and design

We can help with everything related to the promotion of your business, including:

  • Website design and editing
  • Graphic design (eg logos, digital adverts)
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • Social media management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (+ SEO training)
  • Content writing
  • Marketing and PR
  • Video creation

These are not exhaustive lists, however, and we are constantly reviewing and expanding our services to meet the demands of our clients.

If you want to GO Get Organised in 2018, please get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Tel: 01225 430 504  Email:

We certainly did GO Get Organised this week!

What a week it has been here at GO Get Organised and GO Get Organised Finance. We have freshened up the brand and worked hard to increase the number of business services that we can provide. We really want to help businesses to ‘have it all in just one call’; our support comes at very affordable prices and we have an experienced team with a wide range of skills.

The new websites have been a hit, and we hope that you like them. They are an example of the websites that we can offer. This website would cost only £365 + vat. We do like to practice what we preach!

Also this week we attended the Business Showcase Southwest at Ashton Gate Stadium for the first time. Wow, what a big show! It was a great experience for us – we met so many lovely people and definitely hope to return again next year. Here are a few pictures of the stand and the team on the day -hopefully you can spot our new GO mugs and pens!

Thank you to all who gave their time to come and meet us at the show.


GO Get Organised & tap into the potential of online advertising

Digital Advertising











There are two main ways of advertising online: pay-per-click text ads that appear in search results, and display ads that appear on third party websites. In this article we’re going to look at display ads, and the benefits of using them.

Display ads combine visual elements such as graphics and images (and sometimes video or animation) to promote your business/products/services. The size and proportions of the ads can be adapted to fit the space you’re paying for on the site(s) that you’re targeting.

The key reasons for using display ads are:

  • To build awareness of your brand
  • To drive traffic to your website (or particular web pages)

So what are the benefits of digital advertising over, say, traditional print advertising?

It’s cost effective

It can be very inexpensive to produce a display ad, or even a set of display ads designed for different seasons/promotions/audiences. Once you have your ads you can use them again and again.

It’s quick and flexible

There’s no need to factor in lead time, as you have to with print advertising, and it’s very easy to make last-minute changes – or even tweak/replace your ad once it’s up.

It gives you a wider reach

Once your ad is online, it will potentially reach a much wider audience than a print publication can. And not just in terms of geography – which may not be so important to you if you’re a local business – but also in terms of reaching people around the clock as well as on the go (via their mobile phones).

It provides a direct link to your website

The immediacy of digital advertising is hard to beat; if someone spots your ad and is interested in finding out more, they only have to click on it to be taken straight to your website (or a specific web page).

It provides you with valuable information

Digital advertising is far more sophisticated than print advertising, in that you can monitor success in a very detailed way, using web analytics. How many new customers did a particular ad bring in? Which advertising spaces are working best for you? What do people do on your site after they’ve clicked on your ad? This means that you can experiment with different ads and spaces, and tweak your advertising campaign accordingly.

So why not try it out? Please see our services page for details of how GO Get Organised can help create digital ads for you at very reasonable rates, and contact us today!

Click here for more information

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GO Get Organised – The Bath Expo 2016

We had the best time at the Bath Expo 2016.  It was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many  local businesses, and create great connections with so many lovely people.  Thank you so much to all who came to say ‘Hi’ to us on the day!  A big thank you to James and the team for organising such a good event.

Here are some images of our stand at the Bath Expo 2016.

Since 2012, Go Get Organised has been offering a broad range of talented individuals with strong expertise and skills to businesses in Bath and across the UK. Our team of professionals work part-time, full-time, virtually, on-site, off-site and on contracts for many different sectors.

Our talented team includes people with experience in the following areas:

Professional Office
Finance and Accounting
Social Media
Websites and more

We hope that you saw us at the Bath Expo 2016. Please get in touch.

Go Get Organised at the Bath Expo 2016

Go Get Organised at the Bath Business Expo

Expert help is at hand – whenever you need it

When your business needs to draft in some extra help, what are your options? Traditionally, you might recruit a new permanent member of staff, hire a temporary one, or pay for a contractor. But at GO Get Or
ganised, we can offer a fourth option: expert help at affordable rates – however much you need, whenever you need it.
Expert Hands for Business

We have a team of professionals from a whole range of different backgrounds – from accountants to web designers to marketing managers – with one thing in common: the desire to work flexibly. This means that we can offer our clients access to a talented pool of experts on an hourly basis.

This model may be unusual but it makes total sense when you need extra help. It brings together two sets of people in a perfect match: workers who want to utilise their valuable experience and skills in a way that fits in with their lives, and employers who want to find an efficient and effective way of meeting their business objectives.

So what are the benefits of working with us in this way?

1. You save money

There are no upfront agency fees, and you’re not committed to an expensive contract. You only pay for the hours worked by our team member (you can set a maximum if you like), and our rates are very competitive. We are happy to work remotely or on site – whatever suits you best – so you could also save on overheads.

2. You save time

There’s no time-consuming recruitment process; you can leave it to us to find exactly the right person (or people) for you – subject to your approval, of course. Having access to such a wide range of skills means that we can quickly and effectively meet your needs. This is especially helpful if you have multiple tasks requiring different types of expertise.

3. You get your work done professionally

When your budget is tight, it can be tempting to buy in cheaper support from less qualified staff. But with GO Get Organised you get the best of both worlds – affordable help from professional workers with years of experience.

What kind of expertise can we offer?

We can offer a huge range of skills in several key areas, including:

> Financial

Our finance team can help with bookkeeping services, management accounts, payroll, VAT, year-end accounts, software set-up and training, and much more. Please visit GO Get Organised Finance for more details:

> Web

Our web team can help with all aspects of designing and building websites, as well as ongoing editing, copywriting, SEO and social media management. Please click here to see some of our recent projects.

> Office support

We can provide all kinds of office support – both general and more specialised – including office management, project management, PR, marketing, transcription, HR, database cleansing and much more.

But if this doesn’t cover your particular requirements, please don’t be afraid to ask. We’re used to dealing with all kinds of requests – including the recruitment of permanent staff – and it’s our business to find the expert help that you need.

Grow your Business Flexibly!

Work Flexibly

Why using mums (and dads) is a great option for your business

Many women (and men) have had to change their careers since having children, due to the need for flexibility and the cost of childcare.  They may have previously reached a very high level in their career, but have made that life choice not to return to it full-time.  However, there’s no need for those skills to go to waste.

Get-Organized was created for this very reason.  To get the people who have changed their lives back into work and to help them work flexibly.  And we’ve discovered that this way of working not only benefits the mums and dads, but also the small/medium sized businesses out there.

Small businesses often need help on an ad hoc or part-time basis, and do not want the commitment of employing someone.  Get-Organized has created a great way for both parties to work together and at great value to the business.

If a small business wanted to employ a highly skilled individual with experience it would be costly; but as our team of parents wish to work on an hourly basis to suit their needs, they are happy to do it for a lot less than you might imagine.  This not only helps the business, but it also helps us keep up our skills and confidence and get our teeth into something fulfilling and useful to others. We have found that with our team’s diverse range of skills we can offer not only support, but also valuable experience and sometimes contacts too.

To get you thinking, here some services that we can help with:

  • PA/secretarial/office manager/administration support – either onsite (if local) or virtual
  • Proofreading
  • Content writing for websites and blogs
  • Website design and hosting – at a very reasonable cost (designed for the small business who can then update and make changes to the finished site themselves, so no ongoing costs)
  • Typing and transcription work
  • Project work and research

We can help you with all of the above, and more.  Please see our full list of services and meet some of the team at

 Extra benefits to using a parent are:

  • Flexibility for your business – use our service as and when required with no obligation or upfront fees or contracts.  Simply pay an hourly rate for the services used.
  • When you need that document typed up or some research to be completed by the next morning and you look at the clock and it’s 4.30pm – don’t worry as we don’t close at 5pm, we are very happy to complete the work in the evening for you so it is delivered first thing the next morning ready for your meeting.
  • We have a great team with lots of skills and different availabilities.  Some can work full office hours, others prefer working evenings and weekends.  So whatever you need we believe we can help. If you require just a few hours a week, that’s fine too – never be embarrassed to ask for our help even if it’s just for an hour.
  • We believe it is very important to strike up a good working relationship, so we try to match people up not only in terms of skills and experience – but also character.  We want working together to be fun and for you to trust the service.
  • Whether we work with you on an ongoing assignment or an ad-hoc basis, there will be the same high level of commitment from us.

Finally, just in case you have any concerns about screaming children in the background – let us reassure you that we are professional people with a totally professional approach to business.

Partnering up parents and business together works so well, we hope to help you grow your business, and that you like the concept.

The Proof is in the Blogging!

Well at the beginning of the month I sat down and wrote a blog post all about the benefits of blogging.  I then shared that blog post on a number of different social media platforms and groups within them.

Not only did it create great engagement from people, it also increased our website traffic by 44% so far this month!

It just goes to show that blogs posts (when shared correctly) really do help to drive traffic to your website, keeping it fresh and current.

Social media works very well with blogging.  A blog post gives you great content for posting tweets and updates and can last you a good month with the content from that blog, it has great mileage and always something that you can come back to again later on when you feel it is relevant.

I urge you all to start writing a blog post and keep the content flowing and if you need a hand then we are always here willing and waiting to help you to Get-Organized!  or email us on

More for Less!

These days it seems that everything is about more for less.  For example, you buy a bag of crisps as a sneaky snack and you pay more for them than you used to.  When you open the bag it is mainly full of air, and you only get about six crisps in the bottom… At work you are expected to take on a heavier workload but get paid less than you should for it.  Are you starting to see the picture?

Well here at Get-Organized we work in the opposite way – a new way where you get a lot more for less, but the right way round!  You get more by receiving a helping hand from someone who has a wealth of experience, but you get this at a much lower cost – it’s true!

Get-Organized have found a new and affordable approach, by using mums with years of career experience, who are able to work essentially as a ‘pay as you go’ support service.  You can use us when you are busy to help get you through that demanding project, and you can let us go when you don’t (we would just hope that you might need us back again one day!).  There are no upfront fees like recruitment agencies charge; there are no contracts that you have to sign up to.  We simply have the experience and expertise to be able to help as and when you require.

Get-Organized is here to help businesses grow.  It is not always affordable for businesses to employ new staff, as they may get projects where they require additional help – but then there might be a gap between that big contract and the next.  To keep on paying wages in that downtime is a struggle.  Get-Organized was created for that very reason, to help growth and help businesses reach their potential.

Get-Organized can help you in such a flexible way for these very reasons.  Mums!  Mums, with years of career experience, who have changed their jobs to fit around their families.  We have a solid network of highly professional skilled people ready and waiting to help you.  They require no hand holding, and due to the level of experience they have acquired, they have pretty much seen and done it all before – hopefully meaning that last minute office panics will be a thing of the past!

Some businesses choose to use us to cover holiday and sick cover, while others choose to budget a number of hours that they require help for per week.  Some clients have transcribing, dictation, research or database cleansing assignments that need attention.  If you are local we can work from your office, or to save you space we can work virtually.

We have experienced people who can work as personal assistants or virtual assistants, and we can also help with HR issues such as employment and maternity leave.  We can help with social media, proofreading, copywriting, bookkeeping and so much more.

Don’t worry – all of these services are at very reasonable rates; we understand that they have to be in this current climate!  Get-Organized is a new concept and we want you to try us.  We want to earn your trust and help your business – all you have to do is drop us an email or pick up the phone and we will be happy to meet with you to help get your enterprise growing.

All we ask is that if you are happy with the service that you receive, that you please help us spread the word – there is help out there, you are not on your own.  Let’s Get-Organized!