The advantages of using a Virtual Assistant via GO Get Organised

Our virtual assistants come with extra value added

We’ve already written about the benefits of using a virtual assistant (VA), and these are now pretty well established, with many small businesses discovering how much easier life can be with a virtual assistant on board. But what about the extra benefits of finding your virtual assistant through GO Get Organised?

The majority of virtual assistants are self-employed freelancers who work alone, but our virtual assistants are part of a larger team; this means that we can add extra value in several different ways:

1. We can find you a perfect match

Our virtual assistants come from all sorts of different backgrounds, with experience working in various different fields. We will choose the virtual assistant who we feel would be the best possible fit for your business needs, once we’ve discussed these in detail with you. Our matching process is based on:

  • The skills required for the job
  • The field in which you work
  • The culture of your team

Our virtual assistants can often offer much more than just admin skills; they might also have experience in IT, HR, finance or project management, for example. So we can also take this into account when matching you with your ideal virtual assistant.

We are experts in finding the right person for the job, so you can trust us to take care of this for you, instead of spending valuable time doing it yourself.

2. We can provide cover

Everyone needs to take annual leave and sick leave from time to time. When you have a virtual assistant who works alone, this can potentially be quite disruptive for your business, with no one around to carry out the tasks that they usually handle.

If you have a GO Get Organised virtual assistant, on the other hand, you get access to other members of the team who can provide cover while your usual virtual assistant is away. In terms of covering annual leave, we can help you plan for this and arrange for a handover so that things go smoothly; in terms of covering sick leave, we will provide the best service that we possibly can at short notice, as required.

Working with GO Get Organised means that you’re never completely dependent on just one person; we have a whole back-up team in place.

3. We can offer expert advice

The team at GO Get Organised includes professionals with years of experience working in many different fields, including finance, marketing, design, IT, social media and lots more. Your virtual assistant is part of this team, and can tap into this wealth of expertise whenever necessary.

We have an internal discussion board where team members can ask each other questions, we are all in contact via email, and we also get together regularly, for example at our GO Get Networking events. So if you need help with pretty much any business matter, your virtual assistant can get support from their expert co-workers.

If you’d like to find out more about our virtual assistants, and how you can tap into our team of experienced professionals, please contact us today.

Are you trying to find the right person? GO Get Organised!


“Finding the right people with the right skills is so important”

An interview with Alison Howell from Foot Trails

GO Get Organised helps businesses find the extra help they need – whether that’s through recruiting new staff or supplying expertise on an hourly basis. But what’s it actually like working with us, from a client’s point of view? We interviewed Alison Howell, founder and managing director of Foot Trails, to find out.

Foot Trails ( is a travel company based in Bath, which specialises in tailor made independent and guided walking tours in the South West. As the business has developed, Alison has enlisted the services of GO Get Organised to expand her team.

So how did she first hear about GO Get Organised? “I’ve lived in Bath for about five years now; when I moved to the city I met Naomi at a networking event and it struck me how passionate she was,” Alison explains. “Later on when we were looking to grow our team I remembered our conversations together and got in touch with her.”

Since then, Alison has worked with us in several different ways. As well as providing ongoing support through the services of a virtual bookkeeper and PA, GO Get Organised has successfully helped Foot Trails with the whole process of recruiting for two permanent positions (a sales administrator and a guest liaison manager).

When it came to recruitment, we asked Alison why she chose us out of the many agencies she could have contacted. “Recruitment is such a hugely important part of any business,” she says. “Your people are everything; finding the right people with the right skills – and people that will fit the culture of your team – it’s so important. I think what GO Get Organised have is that willingness to very genuinely get to the bottom of who you are as an organisation, and what exactly you’re looking for, and the skills that really matter to you. And I just feel they do that so well; they took the time to really get to know us.”

The ‘virtual’ team at Foot Trails is also working out very satisfactorily. Through GO Get Organised, Alison employs a bookkeeper and a PA on a flexible, hourly basis. She explains how this arrangement is particularly helpful to smaller businesses: “When you’re an SME and you’re growing, you don’t necessarily always want to recruit a full-time – or even part-time – person for something like bookkeeping. So it’s great to be able to work in this way. It gives you flexibility, so if you need a little bit more help you can have a few more hours and so on. It suits us really well.”

We love working with clients like Alison to find the right person for the job. Why not contact us today to see how we can help your business grow through recruitment or virtual support?

GO Get Organised!

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GO Get Organised – The Bath Expo 2016

We had the best time at the Bath Expo 2016.  It was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many  local businesses, and create great connections with so many lovely people.  Thank you so much to all who came to say ‘Hi’ to us on the day!  A big thank you to James and the team for organising such a good event.

Here are some images of our stand at the Bath Expo 2016.

Since 2012, Go Get Organised has been offering a broad range of talented individuals with strong expertise and skills to businesses in Bath and across the UK. Our team of professionals work part-time, full-time, virtually, on-site, off-site and on contracts for many different sectors.

Our talented team includes people with experience in the following areas:

Professional Office
Finance and Accounting
Social Media
Websites and more

We hope that you saw us at the Bath Expo 2016. Please get in touch.

Go Get Organised at the Bath Expo 2016

Go Get Organised at the Bath Business Expo

Expert help is at hand – whenever you need it

When your business needs to draft in some extra help, what are your options? Traditionally, you might recruit a new permanent member of staff, hire a temporary one, or pay for a contractor. But at GO Get Or
ganised, we can offer a fourth option: expert help at affordable rates – however much you need, whenever you need it.
Expert Hands for Business

We have a team of professionals from a whole range of different backgrounds – from accountants to web designers to marketing managers – with one thing in common: the desire to work flexibly. This means that we can offer our clients access to a talented pool of experts on an hourly basis.

This model may be unusual but it makes total sense when you need extra help. It brings together two sets of people in a perfect match: workers who want to utilise their valuable experience and skills in a way that fits in with their lives, and employers who want to find an efficient and effective way of meeting their business objectives.

So what are the benefits of working with us in this way?

1. You save money

There are no upfront agency fees, and you’re not committed to an expensive contract. You only pay for the hours worked by our team member (you can set a maximum if you like), and our rates are very competitive. We are happy to work remotely or on site – whatever suits you best – so you could also save on overheads.

2. You save time

There’s no time-consuming recruitment process; you can leave it to us to find exactly the right person (or people) for you – subject to your approval, of course. Having access to such a wide range of skills means that we can quickly and effectively meet your needs. This is especially helpful if you have multiple tasks requiring different types of expertise.

3. You get your work done professionally

When your budget is tight, it can be tempting to buy in cheaper support from less qualified staff. But with GO Get Organised you get the best of both worlds – affordable help from professional workers with years of experience.

What kind of expertise can we offer?

We can offer a huge range of skills in several key areas, including:

> Financial

Our finance team can help with bookkeeping services, management accounts, payroll, VAT, year-end accounts, software set-up and training, and much more. Please visit GO Get Organised Finance for more details:

> Web

Our web team can help with all aspects of designing and building websites, as well as ongoing editing, copywriting, SEO and social media management. Please click here to see some of our recent projects.

> Office support

We can provide all kinds of office support – both general and more specialised – including office management, project management, PR, marketing, transcription, HR, database cleansing and much more.

But if this doesn’t cover your particular requirements, please don’t be afraid to ask. We’re used to dealing with all kinds of requests – including the recruitment of permanent staff – and it’s our business to find the expert help that you need.

Get-Organized at the Bath Business Show

Go Get Organized had a great time that the 2015 Bath Business Show. We met lots of great people and hope to be back again next year!

The Bath Business Show is one of the region’s biggest business shows. It’s held in the spring in central Bath and attracts organisations from across Bath and beyond.

We joined more than 100 exhibitors at the Bath Business Show to share our unique services. GO Get Organised was established by Naomi Summers in 2012. Having a large amount of office support experience, she had the idea for the company during maternity leave from the BBC. Naomi’s unique proposition was to deliver highly professional support to any type of business/organisation, on a flexible basis.

GO Get Organised is a network of professionals across a number of sectors, who have many years of professional career experience but have since changed their roles to work flexibly. This flexibility for both the business and professional offers a modern way of providing office support.

Professional services provided by Go Get Organised staff includes:

Professional Office
Finance and Accounting
Social Media
Websites and more

Go Get Organised offers a flexible approach, and tailors our services to ensure our customers’ requirements are fully met. Contact us now.

Are you a professional looking to work as a virtual pa, virtual assistant or flexible support provider? Contact us now to find out how to join our team.

Do You Work In Accounts? We Need You!


Get-Organized are desperately seeking someone to work school hours local to Bath to help an amazing company who are extremely creative and dynamic. It is a fantastic opening and you would join a great team of mums who we have already placed in the company! A unique opportunity for a highly experienced Bookkeeper, Accountant or Financial Controller who doesn’t want to return to full time work? Please contact Naomi on ASAP if you are interested? We very much look forward to hearing from you!


Accountant? Bookkeeper? Finance Director?
Finance Director?

Bath Chronicle 20th December 2012

Go Get Organised Press Bath Chronicle, 20 December 2012.

The Bath Chronicle once again featured Go Get Organised and our innovative, flexible virtual office support.

Founder Naomi Summers was interviewed about her mission to help mums work flexible, while being given the opportunity to maintain a work-life balance after having children. Go Get Organised offers project work, research, travel and meeting organisation, marketing, social media, IT, audio typing and secretarial work on a daily, half day or hourly rate. The company is able to work on site or remotely.

As Naomi says in the article: “We have this fabulous melting-pot of incredibly intelligent and highly skilled women who may have felt that since having children they are no longer able to or want to work ten-hour days, five or six days a week, but still have the desire to really get their teeth into some projects and use their expertise.”

As the company grows at a rapid pace, Go Get Organised has found project and ongoing placements for mums and others seeking flexible part-time work. Contact us to inquire about joining the Go Get Organised team.

Contact Go Get Organised for flexible, virtual office support.

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Go Get Organised Press | Bath Chronicle
Get-Organized hits local press today!


Press Go Get Organised. Go Get Organised was featured in Bath Life Magazine about our flexible, virtual office support, from marketing to IT, based in Bath. The company has frequently been featured in local press.

Go Get Organised’s Naomi Summers was interviewed in Bath Life Magazine, December 2012. Naomi spoke about launching her company, to bring mums and others who want to work flexibly, together with businesses who want to hire staff on an ad-hoc or part-time, virtual basis.

‘Mumpreneur’ Naomi has made a big contribution to the Bath business scene. By offering flexibility to staff and businesses, she’s filled the gap for small and medium-sized businesses who need support, but not on a full-time basis. Many of the Go Get Organised staff work remotely from home, so by providing virtual PA services, businesses can get help, with lower overheads than hiring a new staff member.

How does Go Get Organised work? Find out more about our services, including recruitment, blog writing, data entry, proofreading and more. We have a large pool of qualified staff so we’ll find the best person to suit your office support needs.

Contact Go Get Organised to find out more about our services, from virtual assistants and social media consultants, to transcription and website development.

We also have a dedicated financial team at Go Get Organised Finance, who offer virtual and part-time support with bookkeeping, management accounts, payroll, taxes and year end accounting.

bathlife article

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