The Proof is in the Blogging!

Well at the beginning of the month I sat down and wrote a blog post all about the benefits of blogging.  I then shared that blog post on a number of different social media platforms and groups within them.

Not only did it create great engagement from people, it also increased our website traffic by 44% so far this month!

It just goes to show that blogs posts (when shared correctly) really do help to drive traffic to your website, keeping it fresh and current.

Social media works very well with blogging.  A blog post gives you great content for posting tweets and updates and can last you a good month with the content from that blog, it has great mileage and always something that you can come back to again later on when you feel it is relevant.

I urge you all to start writing a blog post and keep the content flowing and if you need a hand then we are always here willing and waiting to help you to Get-Organized!  or email us on

Blog Away… The Winter Blues!

It’s scary where time goes – I can’t believe that we even had Christmas, it came and went so fast!

I’m sure I’m not alone when what feels like last week was actually last month. Running a business makes my time go even faster, so it’s even more important to be organised.

Websites are one of the hardest things to keep on top of. We all have them, but how often do we actually update them?

Blogs are a great way of keeping sites fresh, with really rich and engaging content, but many people just don’t have the time to write new posts. There’s nothing worse than visiting someone’s blog page, only for it to come up with ‘last update 2010’.

Here are some of the reasons why blogging should be a key part of your marketing strategy:

  • In the past, search engines like Google put an emphasis on keywords (the words that you use to market your business), but now they use advanced formulas that determine how frequently you update your website, as well as the quality of your content.
  • Where you rank in search results matters.  One of the most effective ways to increase your ranking is to add unique, high quality content on a regular basis by blogging.
  • The number of business websites out there that are ‘static’ – without new, regularly added content – is staggering. Without a steady supply of new and valuable content, continued interest in your site and the perception of your company’s value will wane.
  • Google robots index your site every so often and if, over time, they don’t see anything new, then guess what? Your page-rank tanks. So when a potential customer searches for your product or service, your site might be listed way down the list of results. Around 60% of all clicks go to the top three search results – 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
  • No matter what your business website’s main objective is – information, eCommerce, lead-generation – blogging will increase your traffic.
  • Blogging humanises companies and gives them a personality.  No one wants to be seen as the forgettable, dull, out-of-touch business.
  • Blogging is more interactive than newsletters or email blasts. If your posts are interesting and informative, or even a little controversial, your readers will be much more likely to engage, post replies and share socially. You’ll gain a much better understanding of your customers.
  • Good blogging is highly social. Encourage readers to share and repost links back to your blog on social network channels. This increases the reach of your brand and your message.
  • Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. That means more leads.
  • Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links, resulting in huge rises in page ranking.
  • Blogging costs significantly less than traditional marketing activities such as direct mail, telemarketing and trade-shows.

Well, if that isn’t enough to inspire you to blog, I don’t know what is!  But it still doesn’t give you any more time in your day, and that’s where we come in.

We have put together a very reasonable blogging package. One of our talented and experienced writers can produce a blog article, tailored specifically to your needs, for just £40. No monthly contracts or annual fees – just £40 per 400-word blog article (we can of course make them longer if required).

As we like to make sure there are no secret fees, the only extra cost will be an initial one-off £20 consultation fee.  This will involve one of our writers contacting you for a chat to establish exactly what you want to achieve, and to discuss ideas for articles.

If you decide one article is enough, that’s fine, but if you decide you’d like one quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly, that’s great! We can help you with any request.

We can also offer an additional service (costing just £10 per article), where we provide you with five suggestions for promoting your blog article on the social media platforms of your choice – for example, 1 x Facebook page update, 1 x LinkedIn profile update, 3 x Tweets.

Come on, let’s get those websites freshened up – we have a talented team who are raring to go.  To find out more about us visit

If you are interested in having a blog written please email us at  with your name, telephone number and a brief description about what you do, and who you wish to reach.  We are happy to help, and will call you back at a convenient time for you to discuss ideas.

Let’s Get-Organized!

Get-Organized it’s a fresh New Year & it’s time for a Cleanse!

It is that time of year again when we all think, right  – a fresh start.  Usually most of our New Year resolutions are the same! Here are some typical ones that I make:

1. I must Get-Organized (sorry I couldn’t resist – but it is so true!) this year.  So much to do, and 2014 is going to be my year to crack on and get on top of it all.

2. I must lose weight and get healthy.  I bet the gym subscriptions rocket this time of year!

Well, if I’m honest, I don’t think I can help you with the second one, as I’m still trying (and not succeeding very well) to lose that stubborn stone…

However, I can definitely help you with the first one – Get-Organized.  I believe everyone feels the same in January – it’s a fresh year and it makes you feel that it’s time for a fresh start.

Well, when you get back in the office and have that thought – call us.

Here’s an example of how we can help you start afresh straightaway:

How many times have you called up a contact from your system, only to find that person has moved on and you don’t know who their replacement is?  Database cleansing is a good place to start to Get-Organized!

We have a skilled and experienced team that can help go though your client database/CRM system, and carry out the time-consuming – but so very important – job of making sure that the contacts you have spent years building are still current.  It’s very embarrassing for a business to send out information to a person who left that company five years ago!

Something which is so simple, and important.  Let us help you to Get-Organized this January…

Hello I’m Jenny Brindley!

jenny_brindley copy_Fotor

I am a digital communications professional with over 20 years’ experience and lots of creative ideas.

After graduating from university (with a first class degree in English with Radio, Film & TV Studies), my first job was as Information Officer for the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. I then moved to Bristol and worked as Development Officer at Avon Wildlife Trust for six years, where my role included writing lottery bids, organising events, editing the website and regularly donning wellies.

In 2001 I fancied a change of scene, so I took a year off and travelled around New Zealand for a few months, and then went up to live on the Isle of Mull for a while to do some voluntary work for the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust.

On my return to Bristol I got a job at an educational research organisation called Futurelab, first as conference coordinator and then as web editor. I worked at Futurelab for seven years – developing and editing a number of websites as well as managing other e-communications (such as e-newsletters and social media) – before moving to Bath and starting a family.

After having my son I worked at the University of Bath in an admin support role, which I left in order to study for a postgraduate diploma in journalism (since passed with distinction).

I can offer a range of digital communications skills, including:

  • Original content writing (including blog posts, promotional material, articles on all kinds of subjects)
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Website updates (using WordPress and other content management systems)
  • Social media marketing (including strategic planning)

Hello! I am Jo Beaver and this is my story…

jo beaver pic_Fotor

During my working life so far, I’ve been very lucky to have had some great jobs in some great places.

After growing up in Cornwall, I made the move to London where I started a secretarial job at the BBC, a childhood dream come true!

I then spent (on and off) 15 years working as a senior level PA within various BBC departments including Radio 1 and New Media. I also worked at a number of other media, creative and entertainment companies including Jetix and Ascent Media.

Alongside the usual PA and office management duties, I have also been able to try my hand at plenty of other activities including running the backstage bar at a major live event, selecting and recruiting temporary staff, petty cash gatekeeper, creating management reports, co-ordinating major award entries and planning and running commissioning events.

More recently, I worked within BBC Children’s … both CBBC and CBeebies, which was amazing, and is now very useful when working out what my daughter can watch!

I have also undertaken various freelance jobs, mainly transcription work (using everything from good old-fashioned cassette tapes to QuickTime files) and also a lot of ‘live’ web chats.

With a newly-arrived baby, my husband and I realised we were fed up of living in the London chaos, and the three flights of stairs where we lived, so we decided to relocate westwards in 2012 and now find ourselves in Bath.

Once we’d settled in, I joined the Get Organized team and am enjoying the new business of being able to manage my own time and my own deadlines. I am really enjoying my work with Get Organized where I’m currently supporting a lady who runs her own business, ironically based in London.

More for Less!

These days it seems that everything is about more for less.  For example, you buy a bag of crisps as a sneaky snack and you pay more for them than you used to.  When you open the bag it is mainly full of air, and you only get about six crisps in the bottom… At work you are expected to take on a heavier workload but get paid less than you should for it.  Are you starting to see the picture?

Well here at Get-Organized we work in the opposite way – a new way where you get a lot more for less, but the right way round!  You get more by receiving a helping hand from someone who has a wealth of experience, but you get this at a much lower cost – it’s true!

Get-Organized have found a new and affordable approach, by using mums with years of career experience, who are able to work essentially as a ‘pay as you go’ support service.  You can use us when you are busy to help get you through that demanding project, and you can let us go when you don’t (we would just hope that you might need us back again one day!).  There are no upfront fees like recruitment agencies charge; there are no contracts that you have to sign up to.  We simply have the experience and expertise to be able to help as and when you require.

Get-Organized is here to help businesses grow.  It is not always affordable for businesses to employ new staff, as they may get projects where they require additional help – but then there might be a gap between that big contract and the next.  To keep on paying wages in that downtime is a struggle.  Get-Organized was created for that very reason, to help growth and help businesses reach their potential.

Get-Organized can help you in such a flexible way for these very reasons.  Mums!  Mums, with years of career experience, who have changed their jobs to fit around their families.  We have a solid network of highly professional skilled people ready and waiting to help you.  They require no hand holding, and due to the level of experience they have acquired, they have pretty much seen and done it all before – hopefully meaning that last minute office panics will be a thing of the past!

Some businesses choose to use us to cover holiday and sick cover, while others choose to budget a number of hours that they require help for per week.  Some clients have transcribing, dictation, research or database cleansing assignments that need attention.  If you are local we can work from your office, or to save you space we can work virtually.

We have experienced people who can work as personal assistants or virtual assistants, and we can also help with HR issues such as employment and maternity leave.  We can help with social media, proofreading, copywriting, bookkeeping and so much more.

Don’t worry – all of these services are at very reasonable rates; we understand that they have to be in this current climate!  Get-Organized is a new concept and we want you to try us.  We want to earn your trust and help your business – all you have to do is drop us an email or pick up the phone and we will be happy to meet with you to help get your enterprise growing.

All we ask is that if you are happy with the service that you receive, that you please help us spread the word – there is help out there, you are not on your own.  Let’s Get-Organized!

Get-Organized Ltd – Help Required!



We are desperately seeking professional experienced people who wish to work in a freelance way and flexibly. We are looking for experience in all sectors, especially creative.  We work from home and on location depending on customer requests. You may be required to work office hours and in school holidays but being mums ourselves we do our best to tailor work to fit in with your circumstances. This is a great opportunity for people who would like regular work or on an adhoc basis.


Please contact Naomi or Amy at


Naomi Summers Founder & Managing Director of Get-Organized. Here is my story!

Naomi Summers
Naomi Summers

Hello my Name is Naomi Summers and I am the Founder and Managing Director of Get-Organized.

This is my story!

I started out in TV as a receptionist at Partridge Films back in 1999. They made the Steve Irwin shows. This is how I met Amy, she was brought in to drive the van and work alongside me as a runner, we had a great time!

I then moved into the head office in Children’s Programmes as a PA to the Head of Production and Head of Development in United News & Media. This department moved to London so unfortunately we were all made redundant!  However this was an opportunity – as I really wanted to travel.

I took a job as a Programme Administrator for a great company called Interaction.  I set up and was responsible for many training events and graduate inductions.  Very busy, but fun and it taught me to Get-Organized!

In 2002 my now husband and I set off on our travels visiting the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Thailand.  I worked whilst away and temped for a design company for three months in Sydney, at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and many more..

I returned in 2003 I was offered work from my Head of Production and Head of Development at United News & Media – working for Top TV on Big Cook Little Cook for CBeebies.  Many of you mums should know that one!

Once the project had finished, after filming 56 of them, I was fortunate to get a job at the BBC working with Michaela Strachan on a show called Test your Pet.  I spent 8 years working at the BBC working on shows like Bargain Hunt with David Dickinson, Flog it with Paul Martin, DIY SOS with Nick Knowles and the boys and many more.

It was a great experience no day was ever the same, I became used to working to tight deadlines, working in teams of all sizes, keeping to tight budgets and nothing now fazes me.  I have arranged the blowing up of a power station in Ireland, and was even subjected to seeing Phil Jupitas filming a shower scene in his trunks whilst in a caravan in the middle of a field at night in the freezing cold!!

As great as all this was, once having my first child, I felt it was time for a new change and challenge!

I met a lovely lady called Angela who works as a freelance PA who gave me the idea of working in that way. I asked Amy to back me up and then suddenly realised that we are both Mums. It then popped into my head that there are loads of us out there, so many skills for the taking and so many companies stretched in the current climate and not wishing to employ..

Now we all get to work together as a team and help each other – let the journey continue!!!

Bath Chronicle 20th December 2012

Go Get Organised Press Bath Chronicle, 20 December 2012.

The Bath Chronicle once again featured Go Get Organised and our innovative, flexible virtual office support.

Founder Naomi Summers was interviewed about her mission to help mums work flexible, while being given the opportunity to maintain a work-life balance after having children. Go Get Organised offers project work, research, travel and meeting organisation, marketing, social media, IT, audio typing and secretarial work on a daily, half day or hourly rate. The company is able to work on site or remotely.

As Naomi says in the article: “We have this fabulous melting-pot of incredibly intelligent and highly skilled women who may have felt that since having children they are no longer able to or want to work ten-hour days, five or six days a week, but still have the desire to really get their teeth into some projects and use their expertise.”

As the company grows at a rapid pace, Go Get Organised has found project and ongoing placements for mums and others seeking flexible part-time work. Contact us to inquire about joining the Go Get Organised team.

Contact Go Get Organised for flexible, virtual office support.

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Go Get Organised Press | Bath Chronicle
Get-Organized hits local press today!


Press Go Get Organised. Go Get Organised was featured in Bath Life Magazine about our flexible, virtual office support, from marketing to IT, based in Bath. The company has frequently been featured in local press.

Go Get Organised’s Naomi Summers was interviewed in Bath Life Magazine, December 2012. Naomi spoke about launching her company, to bring mums and others who want to work flexibly, together with businesses who want to hire staff on an ad-hoc or part-time, virtual basis.

‘Mumpreneur’ Naomi has made a big contribution to the Bath business scene. By offering flexibility to staff and businesses, she’s filled the gap for small and medium-sized businesses who need support, but not on a full-time basis. Many of the Go Get Organised staff work remotely from home, so by providing virtual PA services, businesses can get help, with lower overheads than hiring a new staff member.

How does Go Get Organised work? Find out more about our services, including recruitment, blog writing, data entry, proofreading and more. We have a large pool of qualified staff so we’ll find the best person to suit your office support needs.

Contact Go Get Organised to find out more about our services, from virtual assistants and social media consultants, to transcription and website development.

We also have a dedicated financial team at Go Get Organised Finance, who offer virtual and part-time support with bookkeeping, management accounts, payroll, taxes and year end accounting.

bathlife article

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