Webinar services & training

Do you want to be able to reach your prospects, clients or staff quickly without having to travel?

GO Get Organised’s Webinar team can get you presenting your slides, showing a pitch or running a staff meeting online without having to leave your desk.

What kind of things can you do with Webinars?

Run team meetings with multiple staff. Chat and discuss opportunities and challenges live in an online meeting room – add in slides if you want to do some training too.

Run and record a Live training so those who missed the event can watch it later.  In fact, you can record a whole training suite using Webinar software, then up load to your website for consumption at any time in the future.

Invite multiple prospects to assess your business solution at the same time.  Attendee lists are private, and each individual can ask questions throughout via a private chat box. One of your team can respond to these questions privately.

Do you have stakeholders who like to be kept abreast of your activity? Why not host a monthly round up Webinar?  Add in a Q&A session or perhaps ask questions using polls throughout and a survey at the end.

What about a Live tour of your building or site? This can be run through your phone, so viewers get a feel for the space, atmosphere and facilities.  Ideal for online open events, remote staff inductions or tour facilities where it is not ideal to have visitors on site.

How can GO Get Organised help

You choose which services you need depending on which skills you have in house and those you do not.

  • Webinar set up, production and recording – MP4 recording supplied.
  • Slide design and creation. Either supply the content for the slides or allow our experts to do this for you.
  • Strategic guidance as to when to use Webinars, which style and what tools to apply.
  • Project management from conception to event completion.

Webinar prices

Prices start from just  £190 for a 1 hr Webinar with a 20 minute rehearsal included.

Other services offered: