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Do you need help keeping your website updated?

GO Get Organised’s team of experienced copywriters are here to craft creative and engaging online content for your business. Make sure the world knows what you’re up to!

Why is it important to update web content?

Many business owners don’t realise how important it is to keep their website updated; they think that once it’s set up they can tick that job off their list. But to make your website keep working for you, you need to keep working on your website.

There are two main reasons why you should keep your website content fresh; the first is because search engines such as Google love new content (so your site will rank higher in search results), and the second is because your customers do too (so it encourages them to keep coming back).

How can GO Get Organised help?

Here are some of the online content services we offer:

  • Writing content for new websites and new web pages
  • Editing content for existing web pages to make them more effective
  • Strategic content planning
  • Writing regular blog articles – weekly, fortnightly, monthly – whatever you need
  • Writing content for social media posts
  • Making sure that all copy reflects your business brand and objectives
  • Helping to identify and incorporate keywords to make sure your site gets found by your target audience

Watch a video of Jenny explaining how she can help with online content

Other content writing services

We can also provide copy for other marketing platforms, including newsletters and brochures. We have a great team of writers waiting to help you, flexibly and affordably.

Content creation prices

GO Get Organised provides a flexible, pay-as-you-go service, so you are able to book only the time you need. It is a cost-efficient way of working, to ensure you get the best return from your available budget.

The cost will depend on your requirements, but prices start at £25 per hour.

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