Webinar Support & Training | GO Get Organised | Nicola

I have spent many years public speaking and using Webinars to train, present and promote businesses and products.

Although largely unable to use the TV remote at home, it transpires that I am rather good at using Webinar software to set up successful events to bring people together online. I use different platforms to facilitate presenting educational material, pitches, Q and A sessions or hosting and moderating group chat meetings.

In between a busy life with two small boys I absolutely love anything to do with business and one of my huge skills alongside my technical expertise is creative idea generation. So, for those clients struggling with where Webinars fit into their marketing mix or drawing blanks on topics to engage their users, clients or prospects with, my creative strategy skills fit in well.

I love to cook, eat out and spend time with friends to balance out an active mind that is always thinking about the next project!