Looking For Work?

Are you looking for work?

Welcome to GO Get Organised. We are here to help people who wish to work flexible hours around their lifestyle and commitments.

If you are looking for permanent employment please click here

Although initially set up with parents in mind, it’s become clear to us that there are others who would love this opportunity; it’s no longer just about working during school hours, it’s about matching great, highly-skilled people with employers who appreciate the flexibility and experience you can bring to the table.

GO Get Organised is a company aiming to make significant moves in the world of flexible working while providing a supportive environment for those who join us. More recently we have found that our personal matching approach has attracted companies who are looking for permanent staff, so we would also like to hear from you if you prefer the security of something a little more concrete. The ethos is the same – great people in positions that suit their personal situation.

Why are we different?

We’re different because we meet all of you personally and your personality matters as much as your experience. We pride ourselves on making sure both you and our clients are happy and benefit from the relationship you have.

Here are some of the benefits our team members enjoy:

  • Flexibility with hours to suit your personal situation
  • Support – you are part of a team and are not cut loose on your own – you have back-up
  • Social contact – working at home can lead to feeling isolated, we understand that and arrange social gatherings for our staff and clients to help you meet others in your situation
  • The bottom line? You are not alone!

If you would like to become a member of our team it’s very easy – simply upload your CV

We look forward to hearing from you.