Caromay – Transcriber & Proofreader

I have many years of experience in office administration and PA services, working in criminal law, carbon offset companies, media and publishing.

I have edited adventure sports magazines and ran a guiding company in the Alps as well as running a photographic library and lecture programme specialising in the outdoors and mountaineering. Originally I trained as a ballerina at Elmhurst Ballet School, then became a rock and roll singer. I also ran an alternative gym in the centre of Bristol and worked for several years with Paul Nicholls multi-Champion jumps race horse trainer.

I assisted in the setting up and administration of the original carbon offset company Future Forests, and helped organise the ration programmes for Richard Branson’s global balloon expeditions.

Now working with GO Get Organised principally as a transcriber of television programmes and documentaries, I am honoured to be transcribing interviews with leading scientists and doctors working in Cancer Research and also vanguard environmentalists such as EO Wilson for National Geographic Magazine.

I like to paint in ink and watercolour – mostly wildlife and racehorses, but also dancers and landscapes.