Affordable Video Shoot Package

Video Shoot – Our new affordable package offer

  • You will get guidance and training from Joanna on how to deliver the best message that you can. What makes you different and why? This information you can keep in mind and utilise time and time again.
  • You will be prepared before you even shoot your video, with guidance notes sent to you in advance and an informal chat with Joanna on the telephone before arriving.
  • You will have no large cameras in your face, no audience and no words to remember. The session will be filmed as a chat – a simple conversation between you and Joanna – by cameraman Luke (a very friendly guy who will help you feel at ease).
  • You will have a slot of up to one hour to enable you to get the best results.
  • You will be sent an edited high quality video by email within two weeks of your filming session.
  • You will also be sent guidelines on how to upload your video to YouTube, and tips on how to turn off ads etc.

All at a cost of £295 + vat (terms and conditions).

There will be up to 7 available slots within a day, so if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible by completing this short form.  We will then be in touch to work with you on finding a suitable date.

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GO Get Organised works with Joanna and Luke, a video-making team who are great at capturing the essence of people and their businesses, providing professional results at affordable prices.   Please view their showreel here:

You can find out more about Joanna, Luke and Video by clicking here.