GO Get Networking – May 2018

Thank you so much to all who made it to GO Get Networking today.

I was really pleased with how the event went and hope that you enjoyed it!  We had some great pictures taken by the lovely Lis McDermott . A big thank you to you Lis for taking these.  Also, a big thanks to Tom Lewis for sharing his story with us today.  We have just completed a little case study with Tom which you can read here.

Please keep checking our news page. I will post information on the next event here. It would be great to see you at the next one!

Some more pictures can be found on our facebook page!




Case Study – How using a Virtual Assistant can help you. GO Get Organised!

Tom Lewis
The Guild Co Working Hub


Naomi really got me. She understood my problem and chose well when she suggested working with Claire as my virtual PA.  I need someone who’s organised and knows how to pull everything together.

My problem was that I was spending too much time hiding behind routine-based work and avoiding the real work. I’m naturally disorganised, and I was spending more time on software systems, in an attempt to organise myself, than on actually doing the work.

Claire acts as a barrier for my email, filters out all the irrelevant stuff and actions everything possible. I’m no longer drowning in email – I can get up in the morning and delay looking at my inbox. I’ve even bought an alarm clock and I’m attempting to leave my phone in the kitchen overnight. Now when I look at my email first thing there are around 10 messages, whereas previously there would be 30 or 40.

Claire’s got a great CV. She’s responsible, independent, incredibly reliable, and senior enough not to be asking 40 million questions. She just gets on and does what is required.

She’s helped me to focus on clearing down my massive ‘to do’ list, she organises my diary, she’s done research for me, and she’s even taken over assessing all the software I buy to see if it would work for us.

I’m a bit of a control freak and not brilliant at delegating. But at fairly low cost and for no hassle I have found someone to trust who can take some of the burden of running the business off me without ceding control.

Employing people is scary because it seems like a lot of money, and there’s a lot of red tape involved. But GO Get Organised makes it easy, you are paying by the hour, everything is on the timesheet. It’s a great business model.  We agreed a certain number of hours at the beginning but it ended up being less than anticipated. Claire is a victim of her own success in terms of how efficient she is!

I’ve also recently started using Go Get Finance for my book keeping. As proof of how much I trust Naomi, I didn’t even look around. I know that they are reliable.