Grow your Business Flexibly!

Work Flexibly

Why using mums (and dads) is a great option for your business

Many women (and men) have had to change their careers since having children, due to the need for flexibility and the cost of childcare.  They may have previously reached a very high level in their career, but have made that life choice not to return to it full-time.  However, there’s no need for those skills to go to waste.

Get-Organized was created for this very reason.  To get the people who have changed their lives back into work and to help them work flexibly.  And we’ve discovered that this way of working not only benefits the mums and dads, but also the small/medium sized businesses out there.

Small businesses often need help on an ad hoc or part-time basis, and do not want the commitment of employing someone.  Get-Organized has created a great way for both parties to work together and at great value to the business.

If a small business wanted to employ a highly skilled individual with experience it would be costly; but as our team of parents wish to work on an hourly basis to suit their needs, they are happy to do it for a lot less than you might imagine.  This not only helps the business, but it also helps us keep up our skills and confidence and get our teeth into something fulfilling and useful to others. We have found that with our team’s diverse range of skills we can offer not only support, but also valuable experience and sometimes contacts too.

To get you thinking, here some services that we can help with:

  • PA/secretarial/office manager/administration support – either onsite (if local) or virtual
  • Proofreading
  • Content writing for websites and blogs
  • Website design and hosting – at a very reasonable cost (designed for the small business who can then update and make changes to the finished site themselves, so no ongoing costs)
  • Typing and transcription work
  • Project work and research

We can help you with all of the above, and more.  Please see our full list of services and meet some of the team at

 Extra benefits to using a parent are:

  • Flexibility for your business – use our service as and when required with no obligation or upfront fees or contracts.  Simply pay an hourly rate for the services used.
  • When you need that document typed up or some research to be completed by the next morning and you look at the clock and it’s 4.30pm – don’t worry as we don’t close at 5pm, we are very happy to complete the work in the evening for you so it is delivered first thing the next morning ready for your meeting.
  • We have a great team with lots of skills and different availabilities.  Some can work full office hours, others prefer working evenings and weekends.  So whatever you need we believe we can help. If you require just a few hours a week, that’s fine too – never be embarrassed to ask for our help even if it’s just for an hour.
  • We believe it is very important to strike up a good working relationship, so we try to match people up not only in terms of skills and experience – but also character.  We want working together to be fun and for you to trust the service.
  • Whether we work with you on an ongoing assignment or an ad-hoc basis, there will be the same high level of commitment from us.

Finally, just in case you have any concerns about screaming children in the background – let us reassure you that we are professional people with a totally professional approach to business.

Partnering up parents and business together works so well, we hope to help you grow your business, and that you like the concept.