Naomi Summers Founder & Managing Director of Get-Organized. Here is my story!

Naomi Summers
Naomi Summers

Hello my Name is Naomi Summers and I am the Founder and Managing Director of Get-Organized.

This is my story!

I started out in TV as a receptionist at Partridge Films back in 1999. They made the Steve Irwin shows. This is how I met Amy, she was brought in to drive the van and work alongside me as a runner, we had a great time!

I then moved into the head office in Children’s Programmes as a PA to the Head of Production and Head of Development in United News & Media. This department moved to London so unfortunately we were all made redundant!  However this was an opportunity – as I really wanted to travel.

I took a job as a Programme Administrator for a great company called Interaction.  I set up and was responsible for many training events and graduate inductions.  Very busy, but fun and it taught me to Get-Organized!

In 2002 my now husband and I set off on our travels visiting the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Thailand.  I worked whilst away and temped for a design company for three months in Sydney, at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and many more..

I returned in 2003 I was offered work from my Head of Production and Head of Development at United News & Media – working for Top TV on Big Cook Little Cook for CBeebies.  Many of you mums should know that one!

Once the project had finished, after filming 56 of them, I was fortunate to get a job at the BBC working with Michaela Strachan on a show called Test your Pet.  I spent 8 years working at the BBC working on shows like Bargain Hunt with David Dickinson, Flog it with Paul Martin, DIY SOS with Nick Knowles and the boys and many more.

It was a great experience no day was ever the same, I became used to working to tight deadlines, working in teams of all sizes, keeping to tight budgets and nothing now fazes me.  I have arranged the blowing up of a power station in Ireland, and was even subjected to seeing Phil Jupitas filming a shower scene in his trunks whilst in a caravan in the middle of a field at night in the freezing cold!!

As great as all this was, once having my first child, I felt it was time for a new change and challenge!

I met a lovely lady called Angela who works as a freelance PA who gave me the idea of working in that way. I asked Amy to back me up and then suddenly realised that we are both Mums. It then popped into my head that there are loads of us out there, so many skills for the taking and so many companies stretched in the current climate and not wishing to employ..

Now we all get to work together as a team and help each other – let the journey continue!!!