An introduction to GO Get Networking

Our first event will be held on Thursday 23rd November at 9.15am and will take place at Framptons The Empire, Grand Parade, Bath BA2 4DF

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Networking is absolutely vital to the growth of any business. There are many obvious benefits; it can help you generate new leads, make useful connections, share good practice, build your reputation and much more. But sometimes there are barriers to successful networking – particularly for smaller businesses – such as lack of time, budget and confidence. We understand this and so we’ve launched GO Get Networking, a new initiative aimed at smaller businesses in and around Bath.

What makes GO Get Networking different to other networking groups?

Over the last few years, our own experience has been that networking groups can be expensive and time consuming, often involving costly membership fees and too many meet-ups. We wanted to find a simpler and less formal way of networking, and so we decided to design our own. GO Get Networking is different to other groups because:

  • It’s specifically intended for smaller businesses
  • There are no membership fees and it’s completely free to attend events
  • Events are held once every two months, in a relaxed setting
  • We meet at 9.15am and finish at 10.30am, giving us enough time to do some useful networking without eating too much into working hours

Typically, the format is an hour of mingling followed by a 10-minute informal talk given by a group member, or a guest speaker, on a subject that is of interest to others (eg a useful service or helpful app to support your business). This is most definitely not about hard selling but communicating useful information.

The benefits of networking

If you’re not sure what’s in it for you, then consider some of the benefits of networking:

  • It enables you to generate leads and make connections (eg with potential customers, suppliers, partners)
  • It gives you the opportunity to share good practice, useful information, contacts, successes/failures, ideas and resources
  • It helps you stay on top of local business developments and market trends
  • It opens you up to new opportunities (eg joint ventures and promotions)
  • It raises your profile and helps to build your reputation
  • Meeting people face-to-face helps you develop personal connections and build trusting relationships; people are more likely to remember you if they’ve met you
  • Other business owners can give you support and encouragement, which is particularly valuable for smaller businesses

How to network successfully: some top tips

Networking doesn’t come easily to everyone. Many people find the idea of launching themselves into a room full of strangers a daunting prospect, while even the most seasoned networkers might not be approaching it in the best way. But there are lots of strategies to help improve your skills, and with a bit of practice anyone can become an adept networker. Here are some tips for successful networking:

  • Be prepared – make the most of networking opportunities by thinking beforehand about what you want to get out of them, who you might want to talk to etc. And don’t forget your business cards.
  • Be confident – it’s easier said than done, but hold onto the fact that the more networking you do, the better you’ll get at it.
  • Be professional – even at less formal events, always remember that you’re representing your business.
  • Be yourself – don’t pretend to be someone you’re not; the connections you make should be based on a genuine match of personality, experience, interest etc.
  • Be courteous – remember people’s names (there are various techniques you can learn if you find this difficult), introduce people to each other, be friendly to everyone. Listen as well as talk.
  • Be selective – make sure that you’re asking the right people for advice, and also that any potential opportunities are in line with your own business objectives.
  • Be generous – always keep in mind that the point of networking is to share information, so offer tips and ideas, give feedback, pass on contact details and so on.
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Video Marketing

What are the benefits of video marketing?

More and more businesses of all sizes are using video on their websites, as video marketing becomes increasingly widespread. But why exactly is video important, and where do you start? In this article we’ll look at the benefits of video marketing, and how we can help local businesses in a professional, affordable way.

First of all, let’s just consider some of the key facts about online video:

  • Video accounts for more than two-thirds of all internet traffic
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% or more
  • It’s estimated that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words

From these stats, it is evident that video is popular, functional and cost-effective. But let’s explore in more detail some of the specific benefits of using video on your website:

1.  It improves your search ranking

It’s a fact that search engines considerably favour web pages that include video content (and not just because Google now owns YouTube). Simply adding video to your site will boost your ranking and therefore give you the edge over your competitors, as well as increasing your web traffic (which should in turn lead to more sales).

2. It helps build your reputation

Video marketing gives you a platform to demonstrate your expertise, authenticity and trustworthiness. For smaller businesses in particular this is a huge benefit; potential customers can feel like they’ve made a positive connection with you before they’ve even met you.

3. It’s a quick and effective way of communicating what you do

People like watching videos rather than reading text because it’s a much more direct way of consuming information. Video captures and retains people’s attention; it’s easier and quicker to watch a two-minute video than read pages of written content. It’s a very effective way of communicating a lot of information in a short amount of time, and helping potential customers understand what you do.

4. It’s high quality, shareable content

Video is perceived as high quality content because people understand the effort that’s gone into producing it. Consequently they value it more than other types of content, which means that they’re likely to regard your site/business more favourably. Video is also eminently shareable content, and therefore a valuable tool in widening your reach.

So there are clearly plenty of convincing arguments about the effectiveness of video marketing; the reality of implementing it, however, can be quite daunting – particularly for smaller businesses. That’s where GO Get Organised can help. We’ve enlisted the services of Joanna (a voice and communication coach) and Luke (an experienced cameraman) to offer local businesses a professional, affordable video package.  Video does not have to be expensive.

The process has been designed to make you feel comfortable while getting the best possible result. Before the filming session you’ll get guidance and training to identify the message you want to get across, and during the session the team will help you to relax and deliver that message effectively.

We totally understand that not everyone is at ease with the idea of being in front of a camera, but with some coaching these reservations can be overcome – read about Naomi’s own filming experience as an example.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit our video service page, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Filming the GO Get Organised website video – Naomi’s experience

Naomi Summers, Founder of GO Get Organised


Even though I used to work in television, I completely understand people’s fear of being on camera. You might think my TV experience would make it easier for me, but the fact is that I spent 15 years staying behind the scenes for a reason – the idea of going in front of the camera made me feel anxious.

I set up GO Get Organised in 2012 with the aim of helping parents like me who had reached a point in their career where they wanted to work more flexibly, but still utilise their considerable skills and experience. As many of you will recognise, when you set up your own business you are constantly out of your comfort zone. One of the hardest things I’ve found to deal with is self-promotion. But what’s the point of going to the effort of setting up your business if no one knows that you’re out there?

Video is a great way for people to get to know you and understand the services that you offer. It shows your character and enables people to gain trust in you as a person; you’re no longer a stranger and they know who they are going to be dealing with. In short, video makes new customers feel comfortable.

Trust me, I put it off as long as I could – but now I wish that I hadn’t. I had nothing to worry about at all. Joanna and Luke are a great team, and they instantly put me at ease. Joanna and I actually go back a long way, and she was the one who promised that not only could she sort me out and get me on camera, but I’d enjoy it too (although I have to say I didn’t believe her at the time).

During our filming session Joanna just chatted to me in a nice normal way, asking me questions relating to what I do. This helped me get used to being in that environment and feel comfortable. Joanna has a way of getting you to relax and be yourself – it’s not a stressful situation at all and there is no need to be nervous in any way. There was no audience, just the three of us. I must add that Luke was also great at giving encouragement as well as keeping my hair in check!

Since uploading the videos that we made – of me and some of the members of my team – I have seen first-hand from our web stats that people are spending longer on the GO Get Organised site now. New clients often say to me “I saw you on your video”, and as embarrassing as that was at first, it is a really great thing. It feels like they already have a connection with me and we can begin on a more relaxed footing.

As much as I hate to admit it, Joanna was right – I really did enjoy my videoing experience, and now I’m just as happy in front of the camera as I used to be behind it. I’m delighted to be working with Joanna again after all these years and can thoroughly recommend her and Luke’s services. My advice is, don’t leave it as long as I did – GO Get Organised and book now!

We certainly did GO Get Organised this week!

What a week it has been here at GO Get Organised and GO Get Organised Finance. We have freshened up the brand and worked hard to increase the number of business services that we can provide. We really want to help businesses to ‘have it all in just one call’; our support comes at very affordable prices and we have an experienced team with a wide range of skills.

The new websites have been a hit, and we hope that you like them. They are an example of the websites that we can offer. This website would cost only £365 + vat. We do like to practice what we preach!

Also this week we attended the Business Showcase Southwest at Ashton Gate Stadium for the first time. Wow, what a big show! It was a great experience for us – we met so many lovely people and definitely hope to return again next year. Here are a few pictures of the stand and the team on the day -hopefully you can spot our new GO mugs and pens!

Thank you to all who gave their time to come and meet us at the show.


How to win customers through pay-per-click advertising


Getting to grips with pay-per-click (PPC)

Although it’s well known that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can bring huge benefits to businesses of all sizes, getting to grips with it may seem a bit daunting. Luckily, GO Get Organised’s PPC expert Libby Thomas is here to help you tap into the potential of this growing advertising channel.

Libby worked in a senior PPC role at Microsoft for six years before going freelance. She now offers her valuable experience to SMEs looking for guidance in building their PPC strategies. So how does it work? “Pay-per-click advertising is a very specific type of online advertising,” explains Libby. “It’s when you put adverts on Google’s network – or Bing’s network – and the advertiser only pays if somebody clicks on that ad.”

She believes that it’s always worthwhile for SMEs to explore PPC advertising: “Successful PPC advertising enables you to reach your core target audience because they’re searching for exactly what you’re selling. The more specific you can be about who your target audience is, and what you’re offering them, the better it will work”. 

How to approach pay-per-click (PPC)

Libby explains a bit about how to approach this: “You need to break everything up into the most tightly organised structure you can. So you might have a campaign called ‘Hotels in Bath’, and within that you might have sub-folders called ‘Cheap Hotels in Bath’, ‘Student Hotels in Bath’, ‘Family Hotels in Bath’. And then you write separate ads that directly relate to those keywords, so that when someone types in ‘I’m a student looking for a hotel in Bath’, the ad they see directly addresses that – it doesn’t say anything about families, or luxury, it directly addresses what they’re looking for.”

Refining a PPC campaign is quite a specialist skill, requiring insight into how search engines determine the relevance of keywords. “You need to be able to understand the data and how all that works together,” says Libby. “The aim is to find a rich stream of keywords that convert, that lead the right people who are going to buy from you, or fill in a form or whatever it is your website’s demanding from them, but with hardly any of your competitors bidding on it, so it’s lovely and cheap. That’s the dream.”

And even if it doesn’t work out quite how you hoped, and you decide not to continue, there are still benefits to be gained from the exercise, as Libby points out: “You’ve bought all of this amazing valuable data which you can then use in your SEO, your organic campaigns, or through your social media, or in print advertising – it’s still valuable.”

So what does Libby enjoy most about her job? “I’m quite analytically minded so I really love all the data – diving into it and working out patterns. I love improving results for small to medium businesses where their bottom line is people’s livelihoods – if you can help with that it’s a brilliant feeling. When I open up the accounts and I can see wow, they’ve made two grand in sales overnight, I genuinely get a high off that.”

As well as working directly with businesses to build their PPC strategy, Libby also offers training support to enable SMEs to manage their own PPC activity. As with all of GO Get Organised’s services, this is available at very affordable rates. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help with PPC advertising, please get in touch. If you still need convincing, here’s a final word from Libby: “Most businesses that I work with, as long as they’ve got a decent product and a decent website, can get a return on investment. Your audience is there, and PPC is a good way to get to them.”

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The benefits of using a virtual assistant – GO Get Organised!


Virtual PA



If you’re getting bogged down with the day-to-day tasks of running your business, and finding it hard to concentrate on growing it, then you probably need some extra help. But what if you don’t want to employ someone permanently, or don’t have the office space to accommodate more staff? Then you need a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is a freelancer who works for you remotely (usually in their own home) on an hourly basis, at an agreed rate. The number of hours they work can vary from week to week depending on how much support you need. The type of work they can help with typically includes tasks such as:

  • Managing your inbox
  • Managing your diary
  • Arranging and booking meetings
  • Updating your website and social media accounts
  • Updating your contact database
  • Providing customer service
  • Preparing reports
  • Managing projects
  • Carrying out research

More and more small businesses are choosing to use virtual assistants these days. This is partly because there are so many tools available now to help facilitate this way of working (eg file-sharing tools such as Dropbox, communication tools such as Skype). But it’s also because the benefits of using a virtual assistant have become well established. Here are just some of them:

It’s a really flexible solution – you only pay for the hours worked, and this can vary from week to week according to your needs. There’s no commitment involved, as there is when employing a permanent member of staff, and you can review your options as you go along.

It gives you access to professional staff with diverse skills – virtual assistants can often offer a range of valuable skills, not just general admin experience; they might have a background in marketing, for example, or IT.

It frees you up – with someone else looking after the time-consuming tasks that were previously dominating your day, you can focus on other aspects of running your business. This will enable you to increase your own productivity and grow your business more quickly. And once your assistant knows the ropes, they can provide cover when you’re on holiday (or ill).

It is extremely cost effective – virtual assistants work on a freelance basis, so there are no HR considerations for you to worry about (eg tax, NI, holidays, sick leave). They incur no overheads (eg desk space, equipment), as everything is done remotely, and you will also save on recruitment and training costs.

Here at GO Get Organised we have a team of virtual assistants ready to support you. We specialise in finding exactly the right person for you; someone who will match your business needs and suit your particular way of working – and most importantly someone who you can trust. This is such a vital aspect of working virtually, and we believe that it’s key to developing a strong relationship with your virtual assistant.

GO Get Organised & tap into the potential of online advertising

Digital Advertising











There are two main ways of advertising online: pay-per-click text ads that appear in search results, and display ads that appear on third party websites. In this article we’re going to look at display ads, and the benefits of using them.

Display ads combine visual elements such as graphics and images (and sometimes video or animation) to promote your business/products/services. The size and proportions of the ads can be adapted to fit the space you’re paying for on the site(s) that you’re targeting.

The key reasons for using display ads are:

  • To build awareness of your brand
  • To drive traffic to your website (or particular web pages)

So what are the benefits of digital advertising over, say, traditional print advertising?

It’s cost effective

It can be very inexpensive to produce a display ad, or even a set of display ads designed for different seasons/promotions/audiences. Once you have your ads you can use them again and again.

It’s quick and flexible

There’s no need to factor in lead time, as you have to with print advertising, and it’s very easy to make last-minute changes – or even tweak/replace your ad once it’s up.

It gives you a wider reach

Once your ad is online, it will potentially reach a much wider audience than a print publication can. And not just in terms of geography – which may not be so important to you if you’re a local business – but also in terms of reaching people around the clock as well as on the go (via their mobile phones).

It provides a direct link to your website

The immediacy of digital advertising is hard to beat; if someone spots your ad and is interested in finding out more, they only have to click on it to be taken straight to your website (or a specific web page).

It provides you with valuable information

Digital advertising is far more sophisticated than print advertising, in that you can monitor success in a very detailed way, using web analytics. How many new customers did a particular ad bring in? Which advertising spaces are working best for you? What do people do on your site after they’ve clicked on your ad? This means that you can experiment with different ads and spaces, and tweak your advertising campaign accordingly.

So why not try it out? Please see our services page for details of how GO Get Organised can help create digital ads for you at very reasonable rates, and contact us today!

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Are you trying to find the right person? GO Get Organised!


“Finding the right people with the right skills is so important”

An interview with Alison Howell from Foot Trails

GO Get Organised helps businesses find the extra help they need – whether that’s through recruiting new staff or supplying expertise on an hourly basis. But what’s it actually like working with us, from a client’s point of view? We interviewed Alison Howell, founder and managing director of Foot Trails, to find out.

Foot Trails ( is a travel company based in Bath, which specialises in tailor made independent and guided walking tours in the South West. As the business has developed, Alison has enlisted the services of GO Get Organised to expand her team.

So how did she first hear about GO Get Organised? “I’ve lived in Bath for about five years now; when I moved to the city I met Naomi at a networking event and it struck me how passionate she was,” Alison explains. “Later on when we were looking to grow our team I remembered our conversations together and got in touch with her.”

Since then, Alison has worked with us in several different ways. As well as providing ongoing support through the services of a virtual bookkeeper and PA, GO Get Organised has successfully helped Foot Trails with the whole process of recruiting for two permanent positions (a sales administrator and a guest liaison manager).

When it came to recruitment, we asked Alison why she chose us out of the many agencies she could have contacted. “Recruitment is such a hugely important part of any business,” she says. “Your people are everything; finding the right people with the right skills – and people that will fit the culture of your team – it’s so important. I think what GO Get Organised have is that willingness to very genuinely get to the bottom of who you are as an organisation, and what exactly you’re looking for, and the skills that really matter to you. And I just feel they do that so well; they took the time to really get to know us.”

The ‘virtual’ team at Foot Trails is also working out very satisfactorily. Through GO Get Organised, Alison employs a bookkeeper and a PA on a flexible, hourly basis. She explains how this arrangement is particularly helpful to smaller businesses: “When you’re an SME and you’re growing, you don’t necessarily always want to recruit a full-time – or even part-time – person for something like bookkeeping. So it’s great to be able to work in this way. It gives you flexibility, so if you need a little bit more help you can have a few more hours and so on. It suits us really well.”

We love working with clients like Alison to find the right person for the job. Why not contact us today to see how we can help your business grow through recruitment or virtual support?

GO Get Organised!

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